How to reset recycled Canon inkjet cartridges

Have you recently bought a Canon recycled inkjet cartridge, but after inserting it into your printer, it still refuses to print? Do not despair, we have the solution on how to reset recycled Canon inkjet cartridges.

Canon-210 Inkjet Cartridge Reset
Canon-210 Inkjet Cartridge Reset

This article deals with Canon inkjet printers that use the following ink cartridge models :

Some PG-30/CL-31

Some PG-40/CL-41

Some PG-50/CL-51

All PG-210/PG-210XL/CL-211/CL-211XL

All PG-240/PG-240XL/PG-240XXL/CL-241/CL-241XL/CL-241XXL

These cartridges look like to the one displayed in the image (left) and printers that use them function using 2 cartridges: one black and one tricolor.



Procedure to reset recycled Canon inkjet cartridges

If after inserting a recycled cartridge, which corresponds to the ones listed above, into your printer, it still refuses to let you print and displays an error code such as “E4” or “E5” you will need to follow our simple procedure to reset and recalibrate your Canon inkjet printer to the newly installed recycled cartridges.

Reset recycled Canon inkjet cartridges
Canon Inkjet Printer Reset
First, make sure that both the black and color cartridges are properly installed in your machine and the front panel is closed. Then press and hold the STOP / RESET button for ten (10) seconds (it can also be called “Reset” in some cases, the button is represented by an upside down triangle inside a circle). When you hear the mechanism of your printer starting to work, release the button and wait. Once the Canon inkjet reset cycle is complete, the printer will no longer display the error message and you can resume printing.

Note that this method does not reset the ink level indicator that appears on the screen. This level does not reset. The cartridges are manufactured by Canon so as to disable the ink level detection feature when the cartridge is remanufactured. Subsequently, one can still use a refilled cartridge in the printer, but the ink level will always appear on the screen as empty. This does not prevent you from printing, but unfortunately, your printer will not be able to estimate how much ink remains in your recycled inkjet cartridges.