What to do with my empty printer cartridges

Ink cartridges cannot bet put inside traditional recycling bins and dumping them in the garbage is not very ecologically viable. Most companies only collect so-called virgin cartridges, meaning original empty cartidges that have never been refilled. While it is easier to remanufacture virgin cartridges, it is entirely possible to reuse them many times without any loss of quality with proper quality controls and process. In keeping with our desire towards a sustainable development of the printing industry, we remanufacture both virgin and non-virgin printer supplies.

empty ink cartridges recyclingOur solution for collecting empty printer cartridges

At Certified Cartridges, we collect all types of cartridges; originals, compatibles and recycled from all manufacturers. We remanufacture as many as possible and work with partner who recycle the ones we cannot reuse.

You can bring your empty cartridges to our store located at 3813 Saint-Denis street in Montreal. We also offer à free pickup service for used printer supplies. When you have accumulated at least a dozen cartridges you want to have recycled, call us at 514-544-0935 ou email us. We will send you a free packing slip and schedule a pickup at a time that suits you. We require a minimum of a dozen cartridge so that the carbon emissions from  transport are offset by the cartridges’ recycling.

If you cannot come in store and don’t have enough cartridges for a pickup, you can drop your cartridges at your local ecocenter. As an EPRA certified reuser, we collect used printer supplies from ecocenters and other drop-off points to give them a new life. You can find your nearest drop-off point on the EPRA’s website.

Empty Cartridges Recycling BoxWe also work with cities, municipalities, organizations and businesses through our own collection points program. We give them a free collection bin where citizens and local businesses can drop-off their empty printer cartridges. Contact your municipality to find out if they collect empty printer supplies or to encourage them to join our free collection point program.