Certified Cartridges on the show Ça me regarde

Last April, we were visited by the team of the AMI-télé show Ça Me Regarde in our Montreal warehouse to shoot a segment about Certified Cartridges. Their intention was to feature our diversified workforce and show the value of the involvement with people with physical and intellectual limitations.

In the segment below, Matthieu Laroche, CEO of Certified Cartridges, explains why he has turned to organizations specialized in caring for people with developmental disabilities to find workforce to fill monotonous jobs. You will also have the opportunity to meet Miguel Da Silva, one of our accountants who has autism and has found his dream job at Certified Cartridges.

Hosted by Christine Rousseau and Kéven Breton and broadcasted on AMI-télé, Ça Me Regarde presents the latest news, services and new technologies in the world of disability.

Unfortunately, the video is only available in French.