Printer cartridges
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How to choose the right cartridge: Original, Recycled or Compatible

Do you guys know the difference between the types of cartridges we offer on ?

We didn’t think so! Here we go:

Original Cartridges

The first type of cartridge we sell are original cartridges. These ones are made by your Original Printer Manufacturer. These cartridges are made for a single use and the color rendering is excellent and assures impeccable printing. 

However, like any other type of cartridge, the original has its flaws.
The first major inconvenience is its retail price. Original cartridges are the most expensive of all. Lastly, they aren’t the most environmentally friendly since the making process requires a lot of new (mostly plastic) materials. They are designed to be used once, however you can give them a second life as these can be recycled and refilled.

*Always bring them back to a recycling center*

Recycled Cartridges

Recycled is the second type of cartridge we carry. Not only are they less expensive than the original ones, but they also are way more friendly for the environment! 
These are a serious competitor to the original ones for ecoresponsable people. Quality is great, since the goal of these is to provide the same color rendering as the original ones. The creation process for the recycled cartridges is long and tedious. The used original cartridge is cleaned, refurbished and filled. The reason for it being way cheaper than an original is the cost saved on materials. Since way less plastic is required to make this cartridge, it makes it the most eco-friendly option out of the three.

A possible risk with the recycled option is the quality of the refilled color (Hence why we work with a manufacturer that has impeccable rendering) which could result in a poor quality of printing.

Compatible Cartridges

Last but not least, compatible cartridges. 30 to 40% cheaper than the originals, these are single use cartridges, and the least environmentally friendly of all. They cannot be recycled like the originals or recycled can. Compatible cartridges are brand new, but generic (not made by a Printing Manufacturer).

Be careful where you get your compatible cartridges from, since quality can range. (Once again why we work with a really reliable manufacturer)

Before we end this post, we want your opinion on something…

Canada banned many one-use plastic items, (Plastic bags, straws, etc) however compatible cartridges aren’t on that list, what do you think about that?