Printer cartridges
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How to choose the right cartridge: Original, Refurbished or Compatible

Do you guys know the difference between the types of cartridges we offer on ?

We didn’t think so! Here we go:

Original Cartridges

The color rendering of this cartridges are excellent and ensures you a perfect print. This type of cartridge is the best choice in terms of print quality. Manufacturers such as HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc, are also required to meet strict environmental standards, including the recovery of their empty cartridges to make new ones from the recovered material (plastics and metals). Original cartridges are also a responsible choice.

For all this rigorous process and optimal quality, it is normal to have to pay more than a non-original cartridges. They are also guaranteed by your supplier who is supported by the original brand such as HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc.

* Return them to a recycling center or validate with your supplier so he can offer to take them back if you have many. *

Refurbished Cartridges

Refurbished cartridges are an alternative to original cartridges. They are less expensive than the originals and represent another sustainable alternative for the reuse of electronic products. There are several different qualities depending on the supplier you are working with. Normally, you should expect a very acceptable quality, although not 100% like the rendering of an original cartridge.

How is a refurbished cartridge made? Using an original cartridge at the end of it usage (so it’s empty), cleaning it completely with no remaining ink, reconditioning or changing the necessary parts (it’s at this stage that some people cut the corners, which makes the quality variable), then at the very end, the manufacturer can fill it with the most appropriate ink according to the model (here again some people may not use the best quality of the ink).

Since it requires much less energy to make, it represents an ecological alternative, at a lower price. It is up to you to find a reliable partner.

One risk that can occur with refurbished cartridges is that they are not filled correctly (which is why we work with a manufacturer that has impeccable reconditioning conditions) which can affect the printouts of your printer. The defect rate is often 1% to 2% for this type of product. In the event of a defect, the cartridge will print too light or will not be recognized by your printer. It will be necessary to change it by another one because it should be guaranteed.

Compatible Cartridges

Compatible cartridges, are not for the environmentally conscious, as they are the most damaging to the environment. These cartridges are made for a single use, like too many of the single-use plastic products of everyday life. In fact, they are banned at Los Angeles because they are not recyclable like original or refurbished cartridges. They are new cartridges and often made in China, with attractive low prices.

Before finishing this article, we want your opinion…

Canada has banned several one use plastic items, but compatible cartridges are not on this list. Don’t you think Canada should be following the United States who just banned them in Los Angeles?