Empty Cartridges Recycling Program

The Certified Cartridges team would like to thank its clients that are part of its empty cartridges recycling program. Thanks to you, we have been able to recycle over 40 000 empty cartridges over the past 10 months! Instead of ending up in a landfill, these cartridges have been sent to a recycling center, refilled and made ready for resale. Reusing is the best way to reduce the environmental footstep of your everyday consumption. By participating in our empty cartridges recycling program, you help in making a difference in the protection of our environment.


Empty Cartridges Recycling Program Goal

A few months ago, we announced that our objective was to collect at least 50 000 cartridges by July 2014. We currently have accomplished 80% of our goal with two months left to go, it is thus important to remind that this is thanks to your help that we will be able to accomplish this and contribute to the conservation of our environment.

[Editors note: Our goal has now been reached, we are currently evaluating what our next one will be. We’ll be sure to keep you updated]


How To Recycle Your Empty Cartridges

In order to make recycling your empty cartridges easy, we offer a free pickup service for your empties. Once you have accumulated at least a dozen cartridges, contact us and we will send you a prepaid packing slip and schedule a pickup at the best moment for you. We ask for at least a dozen cartridges in order to offset the carbon emissions from transportation.

Call us at 514-544-0935 or come by our store located at 3813 Saint-Denis in Montreal to drop off your empty cartridges.

Participate In Our Empty Cartridges Recycling Program

If you are a city, a business or an organism that collects a lot of cartridges or that would like to recycle empty cartridges from your customers or people of your

Empty Cartridges Recycling Box
Empty Cartridges Recycling Box

community, you could be interested in our Empty Cartridges Recycling Program. These allow people to easily recycle their cartridges by dropping them off in the
containers inside your establishment. These containers are offered to you at no charge. Once they are filled, you just have to call us to schedule a free pickup. This way, you can help protect the environment in your community and drive traffic to your business without spending a single cent.