New PageWide Printer Line from HP

The new line of printers from HP is an impressive technological step in the world of office printing. The PageWide line which came out a little over a year ago is one of the last big innovations in printing. Having developed a print head the width of the page, HP made the ink jet printing technology much more precise, faster, and cost efficient, especially for high output needs.

Having more than a thousand pores per centimetre, the print head of the PageWide rivals the speed of laser printers printing up to 70 pages per minute which is about double le speed of laser printers within the same class. The impressive number of pores per centimeter gives PageWide an exceptional precision where each of these pores cover an area of about a third of a pixel on your average phone.

Another important element that makes this technology superior to conventional ink jet printers, is the reduced number of mechanical parts inside the printer. While normal ink jet printer applies ink on the paper from a lateral movement of the print head, the PageWide print head is the width as the page itself, not needing any movement of the print head and reducing the risk of failure. An independent study conducted by Keypoint Intelligence was consequently able to print 200,000 copies without failure giving the PageWide line a perfect rating on its reliability.

Finally, another advantage of the PageWide are the ink cartridges themselves which are economically smart. The cartridges used by the PageWide print for under 2¢ per page, and can put to shame any laser cartridge of similar class. It seems, by the analysis of these impressive points, that the line of PageWide printers coming from HP is surely to make its mark in the printing business.